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We are excited to have you join the Cornerstone Community, a networking portal we've developed just for you! We currently have several active forums on the community, including one for your Cornerstone software and one for our annual IDEXX Information Management Conference. You can also create a Group, start a Blog, post something in the Classifieds area, and create a photo album.

We hope you will take advantage of this fantastic communication tool—to share ideas, solutions, and more with your colleagues from all around the country as well as members of your own practice.

Thanks again for joining!
Cornerstone Community Administration

2015 Conference Presentations - 9/30/15
Supporting materials for the IDEXX Information Management Conference presentations are now available! Go to Forum > IDEXX Information Management Conference > 2015 Conference Presentations to view, save or print copies for yourself.
Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT - 9/10/15
IDEXX Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT Practice Management Software is here! This version ensures that critical parts of your system are always up to date. Visit the Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT category within the Cornerstone Software Releases forum on the IDEXX Forums page for more information
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