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We are excited to have you join the Cornerstone Community, a networking portal we've developed just for you! We currently have several active forums on the community, including one for your Cornerstone software and one for the annual Cornerstone User Conference. You can also create a Group, start a Blog, post something in the Classifieds area, and create a photo album.

We hope you will take advantage of this exciting communication tool—to share ideas, solutions, and more with your colleagues from all around the country as well as members of your own practice.

Thanks again for joining!
Cornerstone Community Administration

Support Alert for Heartbleed Vulnerability - 04/24/14
A security vulnerability within the Open SSL toolkit has recently been identified that may impact your practice. Please visit Forum > Cornerstone > Support Alert for Heartbleed Vulnerability for details and recommendations as to what you can do to minimize the impact this vulnerability could have on your business systems.
Support Alert for Windows XP - 04/09/2014
Beginning April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. Please visit Forum > Cornerstone > Support Alert for Windows XP for specific details as to how this change may affect your practice.
IDEXX Reference Laboratories Directory of Services Update - 04/01/2014
We are pleased to announce that IDEXX Reference Laboratories has released a new directory of services for Cornerstone software users. Instructions for how to download and install this update (version 14.2.19) are available on the Cornerstone Community today.
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